Parking Building in Grenoble / GaP Architectes


Architects: GaP Architectes
Location: 38100 , France
Design Team: Hugues GRUDZINSKI architect, Baptiste ROBIN project manager
Area: 9450.0 sqm


From the architect. This 5 stories car park is located just outside of the Arlequin gallery, in the Villeneuve neighborhood in Grenoble. It is the first new equipment for the urban renewal of the area. Our project aims to build a bright building, light, whose function is legible from the public space. The car park activity, the movement of vehicles and people, are visible from the street and participate in the liveliness of the district. The project, due to the simplicity of his plan is open and flexible. Part of the ground floor is occupied by activities.


The central double helix ramp (Chambord type) is plastically expressive. It can serve each level without having to go through the previous one and without crossing traffic flows. Traffic in the ramp being independent, programmatic mutation of parking floors is possible. By partitioning the central volume, activities or offices could be built on some levels while maintaining the rest of the parking operational.

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