Gran Fierro / Formafatal



From the architect. A new Argentinean restaurant was opened in mid-December 2014 in the center of  – Gran Fierro situated in a functionalistic travertine panelled building in Vorsilska street.

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The owner of the restaurant, Juan Cruz Pacin, is from Buenos Aires, and as he has been living in Prague for some time, he decided to bring a piece of Argentina to the heart of Europe. South American cuisine, great cocktails or evenings with Argentinean tango meet here bar atmosphere where also a DJ is present.

Well-lighted area at the entrance is dominated by a bar in the center, while at the back you will find a more intimate area with tables, a chill-out zone with armchairs and a lounge. Still, within the area of 250 m2, you can see the kitchen and chefs immediately once you enter the restaurant.


All the features are linked up with patina wood tables, shelving systems from metal reinforcing bars and upholstery made of real Argentinean belts. The combination of industrial and retro features with the touch of South America created space which is definitely worth trying.